Appellate Brief Brevity and Success On Appeal?

“Brevity is appreciated.”  “A short brief can be very effective.” How many times have you heard appellate judges make statements like this about appellate briefs?  While I can most... Read More

Somewhat Surprising Sanctions

After Dogwood, it is fairly rare that an appellate court will dismiss an appeal for rules violations. However, that reluctance does not give carte blanche to appellate practitioners, as the Court of Appeals... Read More

A Rose By Any Other Name: Court of Appeals Looks Past Label on Rule 12 Motion in Search for Substantial Right

Take a glance at the Table of Contents of the Appellate Rules Committee’s invaluable “Guide to Appealability of Interlocutory Orders.” The Guide sets forth the many, many categories of orders... Read More

“Soft Precedent”: Unpublished Opinions in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

A few weeks ago, one of my colleagues blogged on the topic of unpublished opinions in the North Carolina Court of Appeals.  The Maryland Appellate Blog released an interesting post today about the same... Read More

The Case of the Unpublished Case

As a good year-end reminder for practitioners, on New Year’s Eve the North Carolina Court of Appeals published an opinion in MYC Klepper/Brandon Knolls L.L.C. v. Bd. of Adjustment highlighting the lack... Read More

Merry Christmas To Appellate Practitioners from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued two opinions last week clarifying issues relating to notices of appeal. In Jackson v. Lightsey, the Fourth Circuit addressed 1) whether a notice of appeal that... Read More

Bob N. Hunter Returns to N.C. Court of Appeals & Loretta Biggs confirmed to MDNC federal bench

Yesterday, Governor McCrory announced the appointment of Bob N. Hunter to the seat being vacated by Jimmy Ervin’s recent election to the North Carolina Supreme Court.  As you may recall, both Hunter... Read More

To Follow or Not to Follow: The Brave New World of Social Media

Justice Barbara Jackson recently published an article in the ABA Judges’ Journal on judges’ use of social media  (a.k.a., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).  The well-written article includes... Read More

At Long Last: Discussion of an Appeal from Small Claims Court

While we here at NCAPB concern ourselves with all things appellate, rarely do we have occasion to blog about appeals from decisions made in Small Claims Court. Cue up the Court of Appeals’ unpublished... Read More

Jones’s Punctuation Confession

Confession: until today, I did not realize there was a divide. When making the possessive of a singular noun ending in s, I always added the extra s after the apostrophe. My last name ends in s, so I ought to... Read More

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