To Follow or Not to Follow: The Brave New World of Social Media

Justice Barbara Jackson recently published an article in the ABA Judges’ Journal on judges’ use of social media  (a.k.a., Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).  The well-written article includes... Read More

At Long Last: Discussion of an Appeal from Small Claims Court

While we here at NCAPB concern ourselves with all things appellate, rarely do we have occasion to blog about appeals from decisions made in Small Claims Court. Cue up the Court of Appeals’ unpublished... Read More

Jones’s Punctuation Confession

Confession: until today, I did not realize there was a divide. When making the possessive of a singular noun ending in s, I always added the extra s after the apostrophe. My last name ends in s, so I ought to... Read More

When Does “Or” Mean “And”?

I’ve previously blogged about cases that remind me of the bar exam or law school exams.  In reading a case released by the Court of Appeals yesterday, however, I was reminded of grammar lessons from 7th... Read More

Legislator Responds to NCBA President’s Op-Ed on House Bill Affecting Judiciary

Read Rep. Paul Stam’s response to Catherine Arrowood’s letter to the editor in the Raleigh News and Observer here. -Patrick Kane Read More

It’s Official: Justice Beasley Keeps Her Seat on the Supreme Court

The recount results are in, and candidate Mike Robinson did not manage to narrow the vote gap with incumbent Justice Cheri Beasley.  With the margin still over 5,400 votes, Robinson graciously conceded the... Read More

Congratulations to North Carolina’s Newest Appellate Practice Specialists!

On  November 24, 2014, the North Carolina State Bar’s Board of Legal Specialization announced the latest group of board certified specialists.  Two new Appellate Practice Specialists were certified,... Read More

An Interlocution on Interlocutory Orders

Appellate practitioners are undoubtedly familiar with the general rule that “there is no right of immediate appeal from interlocutory orders.” Goldston v. Am. Motors Corp., 326 N.C. 723, 725, 392 S.E.2d... Read More

Judge Pamela Harris and the Fourth Circuit’s Collaborative Culture

Yesterday, the Maryland Appellate Blog featured remarks from the Fourth Circuit’s newest federal appellate judge, Pamela Harris, on the Fourth Circuit’s collaborative culture.  The remarks from... Read More

Interesting Times Ahead: NC Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument In First of Five Cases “Grabbed” from Court of Appeals.

On Monday, the North Carolina Supreme Court heard oral argument in Cubbage v. The Board of Trustees of the Endowment Fund of NC State University (a.k.a., the “Hofmann Forest appeal”)  The appeal... Read More

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