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Help Wanted: Office of the Appellate Defender Adding to Its Indigent Appeals Roster

Good appellate lawyers are in demand. The Appellate Defender is looking for a few good appellate attorneys to add to the Office of the Appellate Defender’s appointed appellate counsel roster.   Interested applicants can find information and the roster application here.

Good writing skills and the ability to spot issues are essential. Although criminal litigation experience is helpful, it is not required.  The Office of the Appellate Defender provides free training on handling indigent criminal appeals to any counsel selected for the roster.

Appointed counsel typically handle between three to five appeals per year. Hourly rates for appointed appeals are set by the Commission on Indigent Defense Services.

For those who would like more information before applying, Appellate Defender Glenn Gerding is happy to answer any questions. glenn.gerding@nccourts.org

Finally, thank you to all who perform this important service.

–Beth Scherer

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