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WHAT JUST HAPPENED? A Guide To Dispositions In North Carolina Appellate Opinions

Most lawyers, upon learning that a case on appeal has been decided, immediately flip (or scroll) to the last page of the opinion to see the result. Reading the analysis can wait.  The disposition determines whether you are going to enjoy calling your client with the news. But other than telling you that you won or lost on appeal, what do the different disposition statements mean?  Case dispositions can be …Read More

What Steps Must An Appellee Take To Preserve A Cross-Issue Under Appellate Rule 10(c)?

Writing as a blogger is something entirely new for me. As an alumnus of both of North Carolina’s state appellate courts, I will always be mindful that I possess knowledge of, and have participated in, matters that must remain confidential.  But now that I’m an outsider, I can comment as a careful observer on issues that affect appellate litigation.  Here goes! Numerous cases discuss the steps an appellant must take …Read More