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Non-Jurisdictional Violations Lead to Dismissal of Appeal—with a Dissent

North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure

Post-Dogwood, cases in which appeals are dismissed for non-jurisdictional rules violations are rare.  Last Tuesday, the Court of Appeals issued an opinion that bucked that trend—along with a dissent.

In Ramsey v. Ramsey, the appellant (Mr. Ramsey) timely appealed from a trial court order holding him in civil contempt and requiring him to pay damages and attorneys’ fees.

Non-Jurisdictional Violations That Led the Majority to Dismiss the Appeal


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Justice Cheri Beasley Named the Next Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court

Governor Cooper has named Associate Justice Cheri Beasley to be the next Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.   Justice Beasley will assume the post upon the retirement of Chief Justice Mark Martin at the end of this month.

Justice Beasley brings experience from three judicial levels to the post:  the district court, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court itself.

We look forward to this next

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Appellate Rules Amendments Bring Modifications to E-filing System

You already know that the Supreme Court adopted numerous amendments to the Rules of Appellate Procedure at the end of 2018. However, some of the most significant changes are occurring behind the scenes at the appellate courts’ electronic filing website (https://www.ncappellatecourts.org)

I.  Court of Appeals Continues to Lift E-filing Restrictions

For years, the electronic filing website categorically prohibited e-filing appellate records in the Court of Appeals.  As of January, many

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A Wistful Farewell

Chief Justice Martin has just announced his retirement from the bench. While his accomplishments are well-known, Mark (and since that’s how I’ve always known him, I won’t stop now) has always been a little formal in public and prefers to divert attention to others. So what’s he really like? Having spent sixteen years working with him, I hope I can shed a little light on that question.

Mark’s early

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In Re Civil Penalty (again)

Last October, I blogged about the interaction between State v. Alonzo, __ N.C. App. __, 819 S.E.2d 584 (2018), and In re Civil Penalty, 324 N.C. 373, 379 S.E. 2d 30 (1989).  To recap, In re Civil Penalty holds that the first Court of Appeals opinion addressing an issue controls if that issue arises again and that the Court of Appeals cannot overrule itself.  The Alonzo result was based

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Now Hiring: Office of Staff Counsel at the North Carolina Court of Appeals

The Office of Staff Counsel at the North Carolina Court of Appeals is hiring. You will find hard info about salary, benefits, and a job description here.

Soft info not revealed by the link is what bright and enjoyable people work in the Office of Staff Counsel, including its Director (and experienced appellate attorney), Jaye Bingham-Hinch.

If you know any bright and enjoyable attorneys that might be interested in the position, the deadline for applying is January 27.

-Beth Scherer

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