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judges and justices election


The judges and justices of North Carolina’s appellate courts are elected in statewide non-partisan races. Because the jurists serve staggered terms, voters are usually called upon to elect judges and justices in even-numbered years in November. This page collects and provides links to voter information as it becomes available in election years. Stay tuned!

 Candidate Information

The 2018 election cycle for North Carolina’s appellate judges has already been an interesting path of twists and turns.  In November, voters will elect one seat on the Supreme Court of North Carolina and three seats on the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Among other changes, the ballot form will apparently list a seat number rather than identifying the incumbent/departing jurist.  We will provide a sample ballot once it becomes available.

As of June 29th (the filing deadline), the candidates for the November 2018 election are set as described below.  The candidates’ names are linked to their respective websites.  The candidates will be identified by political party, which are also included below.

Supreme Court Of North Carolina Associate Justice Seat 1:

Chris Anglin (R)

Anita Earls (D)

Barbara Jackson (R)

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Seat 1

John Arrowood (D)

Andrew Heath (R)

Seat 2

Jefferson Griffin (R)

Toby Hampson (D)

Sandra Ray (R)

Seat 3

Allegra Collins (D)

Chuck Kitchen (R)

Michael Monaco (L)