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Supreme Court Cancels December Arguments

Clerk of the Supreme Court of North Carolina Amy Funderburk announced by e-mail Friday that December oral arguments in the Supreme Court will be postponed until after the new year. Such schedule changes are the norm in election years.  It is common practice for the Court not to hold oral arguments between election day and December 31 in years in which an incumbent is leaving the Court.  In 2016, for example, the Court …Read More

Appellate Social & CLE–Sept. 27 and 28

It’s fall, and you know what that means.  Football!  Oops, I mean, The Annual NCBA Appellate Section CLE! There are lots of ways to get plugged in to the appellate community this week: Appellate Social.  Bench and bar alike are invited to mingle at Raleigh Times from 5pm to 7pm tomorrow, Thursday, September 27.   Share your favorite functus officio story over a cold beverage; make new friends and reconnect with …Read More

Questions About N.C. Appellate Elections? Check Out Our Voter-Information Guide

It is amazing to me how difficult it is for the public to access basic information about the upcoming elections for open seats on the Supreme Court of North Carolina and the Court of Appeals.  Legal challenges find their way into the press, but the fundamentals–which seats are open, why those seats are open, who is running, why voters should care–get little coverage. So, we have prepared a user-friendly voter-information guide …Read More

Appellate Candidates Forum–August 16 in Raleigh

Most election years, the candidates for open seats on the Supreme Court of North Carolina and Court of Appeals participate in a lively forum at the Bar Association’s annual meeting.  It didn’t happen this year, in part because the filing period did not close until after the annual meeting. Fear not, though.  The Wake Women Attorneys have managed to get nearly all of the candidates together for a discussion next week …Read More

Judicial Primary Update: There Won’t Be One

In the latest shift in the tug-of-war over judicial elections in North Carolina, a divided panel of the Fourth Circuit last week issued an order all but ensuring that there will be no primary election for judges in North Carolina in 2018. The saga began last fall, when the General Assembly passed Senate Bill 656, canceling the 2018 judicial primaries.  Governor Cooper vetoed the bill, but the veto was overridden …Read More

Judicial Primaries–Including Appellate Primaries–Have Been Eliminated

The 2018 judicial primaries–including those for open Court of Appeals and Supreme Court seats–have been eliminated.  With the senate and the house voting to override the Governor’s veto by substantial margins, Senate Bill 656, the “Electoral Freedom Act of 2017,” has become law. The law (Session Law 2017-124) provides: No 2018 Primary for Judicial Offices. – Notwithstanding G.S. 163-106, no party primaries shall be held for candidates seeking the following …Read More

Could the 2018 Appellate Judicial Primaries Be Canceled?

The Governor has vetoed** a bill that would eliminate the 2018 judicial primaries–including those for open seats on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.  It is not clear if the bill has sufficient support to overcome the veto. Senate bill 656, if it becomes law, would instead allow candidates to file their notices of candidacy between June 18 and June 29, 2018, and then be listed on the ballot …Read More

Judge Calabria Will Not Run for Re-Election to the Court of Appeals

Judge Ann Marie Calabria of the North Carolina Court of Appeals announced earlier this afternoon that she will not seek a third eight-year term when her current term ends in 2018.  Judge Calabria made the announcement during a session at the N.C. Bar Association’s annual meeting honoring the many living jurists who have served on the North Carolina Court of Appeals. As with a similar announcement last month from Judge …Read More

Chief Justice Martin Delivers State of Judiciary Address

Chief Justice Mark Martin of the Supreme Court of North Carolina delivered the State of the Judiciary Address at the NC Bar Association’s annual meeting this morning.  The address included a call to action to the General Assembly:  submit to the people of the State a constitutional amendment allowing merit selection of judges.   This charge was quite well received in the room, as the bar association has been working for decades to reform …Read More

Judge Elmore Will Not Seek Re-Election

Judge Rick Elmore of the North Carolina Court of Appeals announced on Wednesday that he will not seek a third eight-year term when his current term ends in 2018. Of course, with the end of 2018 a long ways away, Judge Elmore still has hundreds of cases ahead of him.  Nonetheless, we want to take this opportunity to thank Judge Elmore for his dedicated service to our State and the …Read More