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Clear-Writing Fans: Judge Sutton Coming to Town on April 3

I love clear writing.  But, on further review, maybe what I love is interesting clear writing.   That is, maybe clarity is necessary but not sufficient. Take children’s books.  Many are clearly written.  But that’s small solace as you lay there reading a clear-but-boring tale to your beloved offspring for the 1,000th time. Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton, who sits on the Sixth Circuit, is famous for his interesting clear writing.  Like …Read More

Jones’s Punctuation Confession

Confession: until today, I did not realize there was a divide. When making the possessive of a singular noun ending in s, I always added the extra s after the apostrophe. My last name ends in s, so I ought to know, right? According to legal writing guru Bryan Garner, most prefer s’s (e.g., Jones’s confession), but using the apostrophe alone, without the extra s (e.g., Jones’ confession), is not …Read More